The Idealist - Psych Dub (special edition)


The Black Series - Black Vinyl, Black Label, Black Sleeve. Single stamp to sleeve, individual artwork specific to each release on a single A4 insert

The Idealist - Psych Dub

The 1st in our 2024 BLACK SERIES

An edition of 100.

40 special editions - LP & Cassette (re-mastered for tape) availale to pre order now. Pre orders receive DL of full album immediately, cassette by January end, then the vinyl in late March, early April.

Rest of press becomes available when vinyl is on hand.

Mastered by Zz (Winters in Osaka, Persistence in Mourning, Brown Snake Kills Dog).

Pressed at Press on Vinyl, Middlesbrough.

We are delighted that Joachim Nordwall returms to Industrial Coast, after previous cassette releases as The Idealist and alongside Henryk Rylander as Saturn and the Sun, aswell as multiple appearances on IC compilations.