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Piano Brut


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Once again, Noir Age deliver beautiful sounds in beautiful packaging!

by Piano Brut

Professionally dubbed, white, decorated cassette tape, housed in a Risograph printed enclosure + a newsprint insert, contained in a heavy 4 mil protective pouch. Limited edition of 50.

A new project by French artist Sylvain Milliot sees him stepping away from his Véhicule moniker to take his hand in reassembling vinyl recordings of Scott Joplin’s piano ragtimes into a cascading conundrum of prepared plunderphonia.

A collection of rough miniatures, improvised into various permutations of absurdity and uneasy listening, calling to mind the free-wheeling cod-Surrealism of Nurse With Wound or The Residents.

Can you handle it?

released May 26, 2023

Music by Sylvain Milliot
Design by Noir Age

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