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Love is an excessive thing
by niku daruma

Professionally dubbed in real-time
Windowless brown shells with 2-sided white pad print
Digital download card included
Limited to 100 copies

Love is an excessive thing. Love is a sword which cuts both ways, in degrees that can’t be fully understood in the moment. nd is a project that celebrates, embodies, and wishes to spread light on the full extremity of love. This means understanding that sometimes what feels like love can hurt, can harm. We made this recording on a day that embodies that duality for us, Mother’s Day – in 2022, a year that stretched our limits and definitions of love.

Love is an excessive thing. In its excess, it can give hope and the strength to move forward; It can also spiral into absolute destruction. The 3 of us, individually and as a whole, are drawn to exploring the limits of love in all directions. Our aim is to light up all corners of the heart, to express the love that drives us, the love which can overcome, the love which can overwhelm. Love is an excessive thing. Thank you.

dedicated to/thank you j.a.

- nd

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