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Guixine, pronounced gwisin, is a Korean folkloric ghost that haunts the living world out of spite. On the debut album by Guixine for Psychic Liberation, Woodland Fantasies, Guixine haunts through fifteen tracks of pressurized techno with deceptively complex minimalist gestures. Woodland Fantasies is rooted in a scene of narrative dichotomy for Guixine, wherein the forest exists as a “resting place for aspirations” while also the setting for an eroto-charged male getaway. Throbbing psychedelia pulsates through the album, soundtracking Guixine’s hedonistically inclined character, K. K embarks on layers of sexual viscerality in the tactile and relational, transcending the material sexual escapades of the group sex meet-ups in the forest environment towards a chemically vesseled psycho-spiritual realm. Negotiating K’s anti-climactic post sex purge with nymphs and forest characters, the emptying out of K elicits a portal of stripping away the inner burdens. K’s catharsis is only an entry point to their fevered experience, as K holds clutches a gay pornography magazine in the back of a van they enter deeper and more difficult to ascertain “void”. We, the listeners, are left on a cliffhanger around K’s fate.

On Woodland Fantasies, Guixine gives you a long-form meditation on pointed rhythm efficacy through pressurized clicks and boiling bass curves. Composed entirely using the FM 8 VST, the longform release feels something like a peak Raster-Noton album, or Sigha’s “Purification Loops” through a Mika Vainio lens. Recorded during what the anonymously guarded Guixine recalls as their “worst depression of January 2022”, the album accentuates a winter isolationist sonic makeup, yet cleverly mixed for a louder and more sociable potential. Guixine’s anecdotal woodland fantasy sets a tone for a headier listener's evening nature stroll towards a night of unprecedented indulgences and potential. Full pressure and full volume applied, the walk towards the titillating unknown is enveloped by Guixine’s psycho-psychedelic-eroto journey.


“The forest is a final resting place for aspirations. It is a forest where failed entrepreneurs drop their worldly possessions and hang themselves.

The young protagonist K hops in a van with some drugs for an outdoor orgy trip. Men herd like dogs, they bring friends to fuck. They go into the forest and hide behind tall bushes. They are numb to the awful scenery, blinded by desire and stimulants.

K is getting fucked senseless against the rear of a musty van when the acid kicks in. They are now surrounded by very loud nymphs. The final light of the day hits K's ears from behind. It burns in both pain and humiliation. K excretes cum on the damp forest floor. K sees serpents emerge from the roots of the trees. They have a message; the woods despise K for leaving dirty traces behind. In exchange for the fluid, they offer a quick finish. K does not remember signing a contract, but the snakes charge anyways. There, for a split second, a vision of the glorious fairy knight burns into the eyes. Serpents bleed sweet sap from their severed necks.

K feels cold and weak. K crawls back inside the van. Van starts driving. Holding onto the mattress, left hand touches an old male fitness magazine. Fever sets in, and a stream of void energy enters the body. K realizes the future is not far away.”


Produced and Mixed by Guixine (Paju, South Korea, 30.12.2021 ~ 3.01.2022)
Mastered : Glyn Maier
Artwork : Sollee Kim (Mycelia core, 2022)
Artwork photography : Dongkyun Vak
Package design : Seunghyeon Lee
PL print liaison : Dominique Saeigh
CD photography : Gustavo Saeigh