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DJ Valentimes

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IMMINENT DECAY, the debut 12” from Puppy Tapes label head DJ Valentimes, is four relentless tracks of acid drenched, hard techno. Bleary-eyed dance music at its most venomous and precise.

Limited edition of 100 copies.

Image of Bravais Lattice (12")
Bravais Lattice (12")
Image of Brigitte G. (Lathe)
Brigitte G. (Lathe)
£18.00 — Sold out
Image of Lily The Fields - Illuminations
Lily The Fields - Illuminations
Image of Bravis Lattice - Aqua Glisten
Bravis Lattice - Aqua Glisten
£7.50 — Sold out
Image of Musgo
Image of Thomas J Beckman
Thomas J Beckman
Image of Brigitte G.
Brigitte G.
Image of Product KF
Product KF
Image of Bruised
Image of Joyous Sounds
Joyous Sounds
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