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Parable Of The Empty Cup

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Are you feeling empty my child? Herein lies 12 spiritually reviving freestyle sermons of evangelical grunge illbient from the streets to your Bokeh Televisual® compatible audio device - preaching fast and loose the virtues of introspection, the 1607 Bristol Channel floods and other free-association wisdom amidst YOKEL’s EBM-transduced astral motherbeats, swirling with the electronic ancestors.

What’s that? It’s your vision in my pocket

Bandcamp tags be damned! Heretics - The Parable of the Empty Cap isn’t a rap album, these are new maps with no borders (to paraphrase the Rt Hon D.Ham). Dense lessons immediately felt, a vessel for words, the mic passes from mouth to mouth rapturous whenever the power taketh them. From D.Ham’s erudite psycho-sequiturs to Franco’s quicksilver Italiano (lyrically lost on our mono-lingual flock), guest speaker Kelan’s death drawl to Dali de Saint Paul’s commanding cries to Sensational’s legendary wordsound power.

The lure of hubris, beckoning

The collective fulfillment of the Dark Lord of the Vaults’ quest from NY to Berlin to London to Bristol, Franco’s cyborg past and present life as Kinlaw & Franco Franco (or travels with Kahn & Neek + O$VMV$M) and Yokel’s verdant Plaque and Slack Alice parishes.

Headlines read like old times

Communicated in the fashion of our forefathers via leaflets, flyers, posters, word of mouth and guerilla performances around the Avon area as part of Bokeh Versions’ Just Switch Off™ anti-social media promotion campaign. This is Recommended Redemption™ for learned disciples of:

RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ, Billy Woods / Armand Hammer / Backwoodz, Ka, clipping, El-P, Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, Wugazi, Antipop Consortium, CX Kidtronik, Divine Skyler, JPEGMAFIA, Ho99o9, Wiki, They Hate Change, Lil Ugly Mane, Backxwash, DJ Rashad.

Take a minor-tour into your innermindmaze

C40 presented in vintage bronze cassettes, extra panelled J card all-over print