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A new double header drop from Popnihil

by Whirlynn

Whirlynn is the musical outlet for Vanessa Garcia-Cuevas, a Floridian multimedia artist of Panamanian and Puerto Rican descent.

Whirlynn has been an active participant in the Central Florida and South Florida undergrounds for many years, playing DIY (and larger) shows, doing projections at art events, and screening films.

"Yakakeitiwa" is a stunning departure from her more recent improvisational and soundscape-oriented pieces, instead veering into gorgeous dreampop and synth-pop territory - often flavored with Latin music influences. Innerspace explorations that remind one of Space Lady and Seefeel.

Synths/Beats/Vocals: Vanessa Garcia-Cuevas
Samples/Beats: Ramiro Saucedo
Mixising/Mastering: Jasmine Deja

All songs by Vanessa Garcia-Cuevas

Includes button badge & postcard

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