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Image of Weird Dick

Weird Dick


Pre-Order: Bought & Paid for...aiming to ship within 21 days of 12 July, fingers crossed on the trans-atlantic shipping!

All 8 titles from the new Fusty Cunt batch:

Weird Dick - Disgraceful Knob Demo s/s


Tumescent noisy goregrind from Leo Brochu (Controlled Opposition)

Image of Rotting Angel (Fusty)
Rotting Angel (Fusty)
Image of Violent Pleasures
Violent Pleasures
Image of Dosis Letalis/Mo*Te
Dosis Letalis/Mo*Te
Image of Mallard Theory / burnt-feathers
Mallard Theory / burnt-feathers
Image of  Kwashiorkor
Image of Urine Cop/Sewer System
Urine Cop/Sewer System
Image of  Christian Lovers
Christian Lovers
Image of Craniofacial Deformity
Craniofacial Deformity
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