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Noir Age double header!

by Visionnaire

Professionally dubbed cassette tape with Risopgraph printed enclosure and newsprint insert, contained in a heavy 4 mil protective pouch.

More thoughtful sound design from Italian artist Visionnaire with his second release on Noir Age. As we experienced on A Dystopic Vision of a New Era (NA017) we have come to expect a dramatic and cinematic approach to music telling. Here in Eden, time is prolonged with long expansive sound zones of introspective feeling, constructed from keyboard music and synthetic computer process. If you choose to pass through the gates, you will be rewarded

Image of Marv (12")
Marv (12")
Image of Möthersky
Image of Russian Tsarlag / Secret Boyfriend
Russian Tsarlag / Secret Boyfriend
Image of Sachi Kobayashi
Sachi Kobayashi
Image of Are Ess
Are Ess
Image of Casagemas
Image of Donzii
Image of Plastic Ivy
Plastic Ivy
Image of Fsik Huvnx
Fsik Huvnx
Image of Drowning The Virgin Silence
Drowning The Virgin Silence
Image of Discalce (Glyn Maier)
Discalce (Glyn Maier)
Image of Lack (Glyn Maier)
Lack (Glyn Maier)
Image of Glyn Maier
Glyn Maier
Image of Julien Malaussena Image of Julien Malaussena
Julien Malaussena
Image of Ame de Boue
Ame de Boue
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Image of Horaflora
Image of Laborers
Image of Nick Klein + Lack...ii
Nick Klein + Lack...ii
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