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Image of Veil Tapes - October Batch

Veil Tapes - October Batch


Pre order - Shipping in 10-14 days of 29 October

5 new ones from Veil - includes a 2x Cassette

As with Veil themselves, sold ONLY as a batch

VEIL 051: Aspekte Konstant "Collected" 2xC90
Discography of sorts from Turners Falls, MA project active in 2015. Included is a Twin Aperture Remix of the third release, "The Processed Instrument / Gun Control as an Environmental Concern" on side D. Experimental, long form synth and noise works

VEIL 052: Dull World "The Abolition of Breathing" c86
Intense, full spectrum HNW from AAD label-head and wall craftsman Branden Diven, fresh, recorded in Spring 2022. Not to be missed

VEIL 053: Lijk "Necrose Hypnose" c62
First tape release, DOD Death Metal worship. If this doesn't sound appealing to you I do not know how you found this labels information and you're in the wrong place

VEIL 054: GAPED "Fever" c81
Hyper-focused wall noise. To fuck forever, protect yourself: use PrEP and condoms

VEIL 055: Koobatoo Asparagus "Untitles 90 Minutes of HNW" c90
One of the most prolific, interesting, and long-standing harsh noise wall projects. Out of curiosity I checked discogs and there are 342 releases listed and I am positive that number is inaccurate

Image of Veil Tapes - October Batch Image of Veil Tapes - October Batch Image of Veil Tapes - October Batch Image of Veil Tapes - October Batch
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