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Image of V/A - Train Driver in Eyeliner

V/A - Train Driver in Eyeliner

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Train Driver In Eyeliner – Nick Sanderson Revisited – The Earl Brutus Cover Versions

“Looking out the window of a train is the only time I feel really relaxed.”
Nick Sanderson

Nick Sanderson was a train driver. He wore eyeliner. On April 22nd 2021 he should have been 60 years old

A lighting conductor of creative disturbance, as frontman of the legendary Earl Brutus, Nick knew all about the strange and inescapable ambiguities of the British condition

Train Driver in Eyeliner is a Memorial Device that remembers him in all his genius and life-force, a collection of 19 Earl Brutus Greats, specially recorded by friends, family and fanatics including Saint Etienne, the Jesus & Mary Chain’s Jim Reid, Luke Haines’ Surrey Wrecking Crew, plus Nick’s wife and son Romi and Syd, Earl Brutus bandmates and spiritual glam rock peers Giuda

It’s all available as a limited-edition cassette, a medium that is both retrospective and incredible futuristic – like the life and times of Nick himself

Cassettes can be pre-ordered for delivery on Nick’s 60th Birthday, 22nd April 2021

All profits for this release will be donated to Cancer Research UK

The full track listing is as follows:

Dark5 (ft.Syd Sanderson) - Bonjour Monsieur
Jim Reid - Motarola
Saint Etienne - Midland Red
Giuda - Life’s Too Long
Gurgles - Second Class War
Sim Sanderson - Universal Plan
Quatermass III - Navy Head / England Sandwich 2021
Soft Rock Forever - East
Alien (ft.The Daryl Easlea Orchestra) - God, Let Me Be Kind
The Miillion - Come Taste My Mind (ft.Fiona Allen)
DJ Murdadawg - Life’s Too Long (Destructo Mixx)
The Surrey Wrecking Crew (ft.Luke Haines) - On Me Not In Me
Alan Vega - On Me Not In Me
Zach Rowden - Nice Times Are Here Again
Laudanum - Black Speedway
Old Grime White Label - Come Taste My Mind
Leo From Vermont - Curtsy
Sara Ohm - Black Speedway
Steve Strongbow The Boy from Japan - Don’t Leave Me Behind Mate

Ocard. Postcard. Presentation Envelope

Artwork: Scott King

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