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this entire lecture talks about a wide range of 'individual' approaches to dealing with cognitive control issues/ hypersexuality/ major depressive disorder. what i found to be an underlying theme in the lecture was that a lot of mental health professionals avoid asking patients with MDD or bipolar diagnoses about sexuality. The reason that i put 'individual' in that form is that i've always felt that if you are going to treat each patient based on different individual traits, in a lot of ways you are blurring the lines of their diagnosis. no brain is the same/ though they may share similar traits. i find it interesting how much work is put into this field and how many failures it still produces(this lecture is incredibly long).

talking about medication that actually works wasn't really what i was looking for in a sample from this lecture, so i chose a sample where he clearly states that medication approved by the FDA does NOT control a wide range of negative emotions accurately.

really i just wanted to find a clip of people talking about symptoms that i relate to on some level, and i found it. there is a lot to this topic, and it's a personal one for me. i absolutely barely scratched the surface of all that's contained in this lecture.

im still thinking of a title ill send you one tomorrow

thanks dude

Recorded 11/8-11/10 2018, For a broader focus on cognitive dysfunction, major depression, focus ears here.
Sounds and processing by Eric Anders Benson, a record player, a lecture on the topic.

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