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Image of Turman, Robert / John Wiese

Turman, Robert / John Wiese


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Terrific 5 title batch of Cds from Helicopter:

Turman, Robert / John Wiese
Solid State of Time

***Robert Turman is an American sound artist best known for his innovative and experimental work in the field of ambient and minimalism. John Wiese is a sound artist and composer known for his unique and innovative approach to sound and his ability to create complex, layered compositions that blur all boundaries.Turman and Wiese’s approach to composition is both experimental and post-improvisational. Building on a particular sound or texture, and using a variety of modifications to the sound, a process of constant experimentation and exploration into new possibilities allows their collaboration to evolve and develop in unexpected ways throughout. Together, they continue to create immersive and otherworldly paths that challenge our perceptions of space, time, and reality.

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