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by Tokio Ono

Pro-dubbed clear cassette with white imprinting in double-sided full color j-card

Yokohama multi-instrumentalist Tokio Ono’s debut is a collection of 13 confinement compositions woven from field recordings, percussion, various keys, samples, and a sense of being "far away." He characterizes it as a type of “island music” – isolated, introspective, fueled by distant dreams of “the space between.” Like some surrogate 4th world travel brochure, Individuals spans a 50-minute map of emerald atolls, shimmering bays, and overcast coasts, equal parts idyllic and uneasy. Minimalist rhythms shuffle, slouch, and spiral through tropical temples and whispering villages, drawn to innerspace horizons forever unfolding and indivisible: “Differences don’t separate, but bound all things and people in one individuality.”

All tracks by Tokio Ono.
Produced by Tokio Ono & Victor Leclercq.
"Correspondence," "Home With No Doors," and "Nuages" mixed by Takuro Sakamoto.
Spoken word on "Nuages" by Victor Leclercq.
Mastered by Jared Carrigan.
Design by Ryu Mieno.

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