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Tire x Silver


Shipping week of 28 November

Latest from Working Man Lay Down

by tire x silver


composed and performed by EVB & JES end of summer 2022
instruments: tenor guitar, violin, vocals, percussion, tuning fork, electronics
recorded/mixed/mastered by tg
layout/design by tg, art by EVB & JES

Image of Crazy Doberman - Logo Tee
Crazy Doberman - Logo Tee
Image of Bardo Todol y sus aves sin Nido
Bardo Todol y sus aves sin Nido
Image of Flesh Circuit
Flesh Circuit
Image of lee counts
lee counts
Image of ludmila nunes & tim gick
ludmila nunes & tim gick
Image of Dracula Pamphlet - curse go back
Dracula Pamphlet - curse go back
Image of Generator Group
Generator Group
Image of Turner Williams jr
Turner Williams jr
Image of Crazy Doberman (Rolling)
Crazy Doberman (Rolling)
Image of Dracula Pamplet (restock)
Dracula Pamplet (restock)
Image of LOBA address
LOBA address
Image of Twin Aperture
Twin Aperture
Image of Cryptonym
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