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New batch from the amazing Jordan based Drowned by Locals

ever more precise accounts of the cave
by Thomas LaRoche

Dark clear and hand etched cassette shell, packaged in newsprint paper. Cassette includes limited edition art prints numbered (1-50).

Limited edition of 50.

Artwork by Anna Solal

Main influences for this recording -
-Heroin Use
-Ether, God and Devil and Cosmic Superimposition book by Wilhelm Reich
-Neil Diamond
-Porcelain Eggs
-Various Phosphates

Thomas LaRoche is an Insect Breeder as well as the main representative of Research Laboratories.

"New release on Drowned By Locals from Thomas LaRoche is a swarming miasma of disturbed dead air, eerie spoken-word, cursed piano and looped pop songs turned into nightmare inertia."

- Daryl Worthington -

Produced by Thomas LaRoche
Mastered by Rashad Becker
Artwork by Anna Solal

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