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Wonderful 2nd batch from Medium Sound

by Thom Nguyen

Thơm Nguyen's IMAGO OSSUARY on a limited run of 100 cassettes.. play at home, in the car, or anywhere with a tape player

Known to many as the percussive presence in groups like Nest Egg, MANAS, Wasting and We Bow to No Masters, Asheville's Thom Nguyen moves in to dronier, driftier worlds with his new offering for Medium Sound: IMAGO OSSUARY. Based around a chilling harmonium drone, embellished with fuzz bass and melodies that recall strings peering out from the mist, Nguyen conjures a total zone that is menacing and mesmerizing at once. For the flip side, Caldwell/Tester deliver a treatment that unravels the dirge and impact of the A-side in to a lysergic and unpredictable, patchwork dream state of processed sounds. Music to stare in to the void to.

Thom Nguyen - Harmonium, Bass, Dream Pang Cymbal, Yamaha CP, Hologram Electronics Microcosm
Recorded in Winter of 2020

Mixed by JERM
Remix B Side - Caldwell/Tester
Artwork/Design by Mark Tester

Thanks Hologram Electronics for the Microcosm Pedal!

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Medium Sound - Program
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