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The Siamese Pearl


Latest release from Industrial Coast favourites, Miami based imprint Noir Age

Exclusive Euro distro...very limited numbers. Shipping from 18 November

A cascade of ceremonial horns anticipate a vacant blackness amongst the sphere of light. Giving way to distant dreams, pregnant with provocative prose. This is Bronze Age Industrious Music, the second full length for Noir Age by Miami-based sound artist and lyricist Carlos E. Oni. 

A new suite of eight tracks, punctuated by The Pearl's signature surrealist field loops and all delivered with a dramatic, legendary pink trajectory. Bronze Age is the middle pillar in the trilogy, a level beyond the chaos and catharsis that was Stone Age. Bronze Age brings a unified equilibrium both in sound and visual with the cover art displaying a figure in the center with the symmetrical Siamese loop of life. A foreshadowing of the Iron Age to come

Image of Florian T M Zeisig
Florian T M Zeisig
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