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A warm welcome to our distro to Beach Buddies (Romania)

The Breaks - 5 Way Split
by beach buddies records

ria (TR), Piet Onthel (MY), Scenes We Have Missed (TR), Bastos (RO) and Children of Boredom (DE) unite their forces in this brand new “5 – way split”! Contributing with their most recent materials, all of the songs cruise around the dynamic spectrum of the emotive hardcore sound. The split will be co-released by Longrail Records, Missed Out Records, Mevzu Records, Beach Buddies Records, Dischi Decenti, Les Disques Rabat-joie, Khya Records and Huge Major Label. Digital release date and pre-orders is on 16th November, tapes coming soon!

The Breaks opens with ria - ‘Elimizden Alamazlar’, the Turkish screamo anthem of the year containing additional vocals by Tan from Scenes We Have Missed. Piet Onthel follows with a three song journey - accompanying the listener from a quiet state of emotions to the point where they start to express their explosive aspect. SWHM comes after with ‘The Bearers Pt II’. Written as a sequel to ‘The Bearers’ from their debut album, the passed two years between two songs signify a process of maturation while sustaining the original emotive hardcore sound. Bastos’ ‘Willows’ grows from the earth afterwards, resembling the tree that it takes its name from with its 9 minutes duration, changeful nature and wandering vocals. The last song of the split by Children of Boredom, clearing the atmosphere with a less violent emo/indie sound without losing the unsettling effect of the whole split.

ria is a Post Hardcore/Screamo band from Istanbul, formed in late 2018. They released their debut LP “Mono No Aware” in 2019, by adapting a cathartic sound with explosive yet elegant, atmospheric parts. Adapting a new and more dynamic sound, ria already released their brand new EP “Crevez, Chiens, Si Vous N' êtes Pas Contents!” last month.

Piet Onthel is a captivating, emo violent hardcore one man act formed at the end of 2018 in Kuantan, Malaysia. The releases so far include two thick, noisy and intrusive EP’s plus a split with Amitie!

Scenes We Have Missed is a melodic hardcore/screamo band from Izmir, Turkey. They made their debut with “Broken But Blessed” in 2018. While adapting a more traditional melodic hardcore sound like Departures, Landscapes and More Than Life, the band adapted a more emotive hardcore/screamo influenced direction with their second EP “State of Dreaming”.

Bastos is an emo/screamo band from Bucharest, Romania and made their debut with a 7” split with Pandrea. The band also released a split with Nantes based emo/hardcore act Chavire and toured in Europe since their formation.

Children of Boredom is an indie/garage punk band from Dortmund, Germany. The band released their self titled EP in May 2019.

Artwork and Layout Desing by Mutlu Oral

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Senyawa - Alkisah
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