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TAK + Brandon Lopez


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All new Tripticks Tapes - and its an amazing batch!

Empty And​/​Or Church of Plenty
by TAK + Brandon Lopez

Windowless black shell
Pro dubbed and printed
Edition of 100

Empty And/Or Church of Plenty was a commission by TAK ensemble for Brandon Lopez. The score was part in text and part through conversation; the directions given by Lopez foreground the intuitive and concrete technical aspects of the performance

The idea was to create a complex sound-world through collaboration and seemingly simple means. The action of performing the work is a democratic and collaborative process, and each individual plays a part in the work’s creation. The democratization of this process is an important means of opposing European hierarchies in thought—aural transmission versus written scores works as a means of decolonization of the process of composition... each player in the ensemble made part-composer. The resultant sound-world is simultaneously iridescent and murky, ecstatic and foreboding

TAK: Laura Cocks, Madison Greenstone, Marina Kifferstein, Charlotte Mundy, Ellery Trafford
Recorded by Bob Bellerue
Mixed by David Bird
Mastered by Jon Lipscomb

TTT is an experimental label based in Portland, Maine, with a focus on free improv, noise, electro acoustic & bass

The label can be found at triptickstapes bandcamp, for preview listening

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