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Synotia - Multisession

Biocyst pushed the gorenoise template created by Anal Birth to a further textural place.. The blasts, bass, gurgles and samples were smashed and compressed into what can only be described as essentially pure harsh noise. What makes gorenoise so special to BPP is the fact that is still is not true harsh noise. It contains special elements in sound / art and importantly it's INTENTION. the intention of the gore creator with what makes their sound firmly stay somehow within the realm of goregrind even while not a single instrument can be heard within the slop and slurry.

This cassette by Synotia is closer to true harsh noise.. But somehow it remains GORENOISE .. ULTRA minimalistic GORENOISE anti music perfection.

Image of Jason Crumer (CD)
Jason Crumer (CD)
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God Is War (Apex)
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K9 Hemorrhoids
Image of xCxFxBx / Cysticercosis Split
xCxFxBx / Cysticercosis Split
Image of Shotgun Cock / Morgue Tar Split
Shotgun Cock / Morgue Tar Split
Image of Jason Crumer 3xLP
Jason Crumer 3xLP
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Country Club Tee
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Interior One
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