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Introducing Popnihil, Florida, to our distro, with a whole host of Southern Gothic, Post Punk & No Wave

Surpra-Argo - This Island...

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"Long ago in a galaxy far far away… Well, actually in the mid-1990’s, ex Ultra Vivid Scene and slug guitarist Collin J. Rae and future Clevergirl / Beautiful Engines keyboardist/drummer/singer Karen Sandvoss formed an act called Supra-Argo. They existed for a short few years, both in the Detroit area and the San Francisco bay area. Descriptions included "My Bloody Valentine and Nine Inch Nails coming together to score a David Lynch film." Unfortunate circumstances forced the band to split before releasing their last EP, but thankfully now, many years later, you can hear tracks from their only album and that long-lost EP." - Collin J. Rae

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