STONECIRCLESAMPLER - Vinyl (Special Edition)

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The White Series - White Vinyl, White Label, White Sleeve. Single stamp to sleeve, individual artwork specific to each release on a single insert

8 releases across 2023


Special Edition: DRIFT LP + The Drift [Superior London Pulp Ambience] (Cassette)

50 Special Edition copies.

50 further vinyl available once pressed. NO DISTRO on Special Edition. Only available from our Big Cartel store

(NB cassette is Jcard art, no labelling to shell)


Digital issued for both vinyl & cassette within 2-3 days of order.

Cassette ships Friday 12 May

Vinyl shipping anticipated end of August

Shipping includes cost of both shipments



The Drift::

a remote piece of wasteland in the North West

a rain soaked dark night with stonecircles lurking through the gloom

my horizons shrank until I found it hard to leave the area

the drift

Part I was recorded at a low volume on analogue equipment and left since 2020 to rust in the endless rainfall

Part II was built and lost in South London throughout winter 2022 then rediscovered in a zone 5 train station waiting room sometime in 2023

Built by Stonecirclesampler somewhere in South London
Mixed by Lil Schemer at Iceman Junglist HQ Glasgow
Mastered by Miles Whittaker at Full Range Mastering

An Industrial Coast Produktion
A Stonecirclesampler


The Drift [Superior London Pulp Ambience]::

Transporting the drift into a sub-zero London noir wasteland of cafes and pubs surrounded by stonecircles & full of sharp-edged characters escaping out of and into rain soaked dead ends

An Industrial Coast Produktion
A Superior London Pulped Stonecirclesampler