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Sissy Spacek
Live In Hong Kong

***Sissy Spacek is known for their extended approach to sound and performance. Founded in 1999, the group (since 2013, primarily a duo of Charlie Mumma and John Wiese) have released a broad range of work, from grindcore to musique concrète, with a considerable gulf of experimentation in between. Their performance at Empty Gallery in Hong Kong and its peripheral documentation is an example of the band’s abstracting style and approach. Recorded on the occasion of Takeshi Murata’s “Infinite Doors” opening, the album combines a multi-tracked live set of electronics and grindcore, which bookends an array of recordings made throughout their 5-day residency, combining graveyard field recordings, barrel scrapings, impromptu noisecore, and tape collage.

Image of Turman, Robert / John Wiese
Turman, Robert / John Wiese
Image of Merzbow/Smegma - Plays
Merzbow/Smegma - Plays
Image of Hammer, Joseph / Joe Potts / John Wiese
Hammer, Joseph / Joe Potts / John Wiese
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