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We Belong Dead
by SHV

"We Belong Dead" is a gritty piece of late '00s cassette culture and underground ingenuity from Alley Dennig's SHV project, with a hard-to-classify sound somewhere between lo-fi punk, thriftstore industrial, "Half Machine Lip Moves" era Chrome, detuned rock n roll, electronic materializations and haunted Providence warehouse reverberations with an 'everyday is Halloween' ethos. I first heard it back in 2009 during my first ever solo tour and was immediately taken. Along with the work of E.N., it was one of the tapes I heard during that trip that opened up another realm of contemporary underground music beyond harsh noise, and a foretelling of the explosion of solo artists to come. Originally released via her label Hexagon Tapes in 2009, it's now been lovingly restored, sounding better than ever and made available for the first time ever on vinyl & digital, arriving in 2022 as a breath of fresh, haunted air. The punk reissue of the year. "May the circle remain unbroken"

music written, performed and recorded by Alley Dennig / SHV on four-track & Garageband summer '08 - summer '09. Clips on 3 from NOLD

re-mastered by Lizzie Davis

pinup courtesy of Solid Susan

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