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Shrouded Tongues


New batch from Not Not Fun includes this from their So Called Hell side label - Pre order, aiming to ship in 10-14 days of 18 August

Mirage On The Blade Of Decay
by Shrouded Tongues

Pro-dubbed smoke tape with black stickered label in double-sided photocopied J-card printed on one of 3 shades of cardstock: stone, sand, & bone

Portland void-walker Shrouded Tongues returns with their 2nd cassette of serpentine purgatories, Mirage On The Blade Of Decay. A menacing maze of throbbing synths, dervish guitar, and downward spiral energies, at the threshold of incantation and industrial nightmare. Its wounds ooze eternal, lurking in lightless caverns, beckoning the end of days.

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