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Pre Order: Releases 2 July

Another exceptional release from Drowned by Locals (Jordan)

Alkisah Versi Hitam
by Senyawa vs Black To Comm

Tinted cassette shell with printed transparent stickers, pro-printed inlay in a clear library case. Comes inside an Arches Aquarelle premium 100% cotton sleeve, wax-sealed with the emblem of the earth's last surviving civilization before the inevitable doomsday.

Limited to 40 copies worldwide, and shipping from Jordan.

Cassette includes three stickers.

Artwork by Somnath Bhatt.

Alkisah Versi Hitam is a radical deconstruction and reimagination of Indonesian duo Senyawa's most recent album Alkisah by Hamburg's Marc Richter aka Black To Comm. The original album was released to critical acclaim in February of this year as a decentralized release on a multitude of labels from all corners of the world, Germany’s Dekorder and Jordan's Drowned By Locals being two of them. Richter is now completely reinventing the original album from scratch by doing an almost Teo Macero-level production job here, cutting up the originals and (re)constructing new material from scratch.

Arcane chants and vocal cut-ups, fierce freeform percussion, grimy No Wave collage, monochrome drones exploding into multicolour streams, unearthly psychedelic Noise and sheer sonic mayhem, warped discordant rhythms between moments of calming beauty - it's never easy to digest but the outcome is both ecstatic and transcendental - never sounding anything less than a fully formed singular album.


Image of Senyawa vs Black To Comm Image of Senyawa vs Black To Comm
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