Secret Boyfriend (Cs)


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Live in the Land of the Dead
by Secret Boyfriend

pro-dubbed, metallic printed j-card

"Another sui-generis telegram from Ryan Martin's haunted shack, sounding like it's being slipped to its recipient in a scuffed velvet envelope. A ham radio broadcast searching through a forest of bare trees and into the starry skies, hunting for someone else out there to confirm this overwhelming feeling. Secret Boyfriend's has long been the loneliest corpus in contemporary music, and the most embracing: a paean to the eternal—the undead—dreams of youth that linger like a squishy tumor (possibly benign) long after the body itself has begun its inevitable disintegration, growing older and withering around a tender blue flame. On side A, shivery, whispery new-wave folk songs lure you close for warmth—power-pop hooks cast in shades of open-hearted embarrassment and humility—only for side B to excavate the oozing dripscapes, dusty torture chambers, rusted shards of noise, and spectral remnants of past dramas that all lurk deeper inside the house, locating and exorcising the aggression within the melancholy. At every stage, there are melodies and rhythms that threaten never to resolve, minimalist chord changes and looping, crumbling thuds that push you forward toward the emotional infinite. Maybe you'll find someone to sway alongside you as you head for that cosmic light in the distance. But “there’s no abyss, you’re thinking of it wrong”: acceptance that... more

released December 12, 2022

voice, tape loops, casio, guitars, synth, percussion, no-input mixer by RM.

mastered by Glyn Maier