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Secret Boyfriend (2x Cs)


RESTOCK: Very limited re-stock...Aim to ship in 10-14 days of 10 May

Delighted to introduce Hot Releases to our distro with a brilliant drop of releases.

Pre order, we aim to ship in 10-14 days of 28 April

Entropic Report: 2017โ€‹-โ€‹2018
by Secret Boyfriend

2xCs - includes a small zine of art from 2017-2018

collection of recordings from 2017-2018, the moonlight on mire

live drum machine workouts with sounds slacking off the grid, spectral pop, digital corruption, scalding static, warm-hearted arpeggios, chilled ambient under unseen eyes, gaze in general, etc

includes unused soundtrack material recorded for the Canadian slasher film "Death Trip"

Image of Yohimbe (Hot Releases)
Yohimbe (Hot Releases)
Image of Sibling
Image of I Think We're Alone Now
I Think We're Alone Now
Image of Control Point
Control Point
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