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Scald Hymn


PRE-ORDER: We aim to ship in 14 - 21 days of 13 July. Please note - US shipping remains haphazard! It all gets here, but occasionally via strange routes (I assume to contuing issues re Covid/Flight Availability) & as such, there can be delays. We ship as soon as we get them, & you will be notified via the store

A new batch coming our way from New Forces:

Lilac Drain - Scald Hymn

Scald Hymn is a pure representation of American noise. The distilled sound of sweaty house shows, post-industrial refuse, and an artist brave enough to inject moments of beauty into the existential dread that is channeled through fried electronics and jagged scrap metal. We're all cheering for Scald Hymn, because Scald Hymn exemplifies the reasons we care about noise

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