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Blakk Gauze by Sanyan continues our stocking of No Rent Records for Euro distro...shipping now and very limited with us!

Peel away the tourist traps and you'll see the real Miami: a decaying, concrete den of drug abuse, gentrification and other forms of Abu Dhabi-level degeneracy against a backdrop of palm trees, sunset and great weather. 

Sanyan's 2nd non-digital release, and 1st on No Rent, BlakkGauzeGhxzt, is an ambient love letter to Carl Crack, Muslimgauze & SpaceGhostPurrp as well as a paranoid, unorganized mess that only a Floridian can understand & make work. 

With occasional back-up from his Fifth World Band (most notably featuring Jacob Daniel Levesque Baird of The Dark Thurday label on bass guitar), Sanyan takes you on a sonic tour through the underbelly of Miami. 

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Image of God Is War...Whatever Exists
God Is War...Whatever Exists
£10.00 — Sold out
Image of Pterygium
£10.00 — Sold out
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Image of Noah Depew
Noah Depew
Image of Lutkie
Image of Boy Dirt Car
Boy Dirt Car
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Image of Faster Detail
Faster Detail
Image of Jacob Winans
Jacob Winans
Image of History of Leather
History of Leather
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Chelsea Bridge
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