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Introducing Unifactor (Cleveland, Ohio):

Our 1st batch (3 new titles, plus a couple from the back catalogue) will be with us in time for the August batch official release date of 20 August

by Rosali

Fresh off of her masterful third album No Medium, Philly songwriter/vibe-spinner Rosali Middleman decompresses with Chokeweed, a beautifully low-key collection of expansive guitar instrumentals and rusted-over experimental tracks. The sonic embodiment of any of the haunted, decaying barns you drive by while lost on some country road, these softly shambling pieces drift in and out of being. Meandering shredding is joined only every so often by understated drum machine, setting a mood for structures to be undone and evening to fade into night. A perfect companion piece to any of Rosali's more formal recordings, and a valuable reset when absorbed on its own.

Guitar Explorations by Rosali Middleman
Recorded at home in Philadelphia, April - September 2020

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Wilted Woman
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