Robert Turman - Live in Middlesbrough

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ROBERT TURMAN - Live in Middlesbrough, Saturday 27 April

Town Hall Courtrooms

Robert Turman is an American sound artist best known for his innovative and experimental work in the field of ambient and minimalism. Beginning in the mid/late-1970s, Turman became involved in the world of experimental music, being particularly drawn to the work of minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, and began to experiment with tape loops and other forms of sound manipulation.

A body of work has established Turman’s reputation as a monumental figure, and helped to inspire a new generation of experimentation. Remaining a considerable influence, Turman has always been committed to the spirit of exploration that has characterized his work from the beginning. He can be heard in the work of countless artists working in the field of experimental music, and his legacy as a pioneer of experimental music is assured. He currently lives in Oberlin, Ohio.

Very special guests: Bodyweather - a collaborative project between Draye Wilson & Julia Santoli

Draye as previously released as Mankind, with Julie's performances being abstract & highly visceral

Plus support::
Stephen Bishop
Pale World

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Bundle available at discounted price - Jim Haynes + Robert Turman