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by Ragk

Double cassette release in butterfly case
Professionally dubbed in real-time
Black shells with white pad print
Limited to 50 copies

"Fourteen days, two full weeks after he had trapped himself in a cave that others could barely enter, Floyd Collins had died. And what was the rest of the country left with? A gaping fascination with what lies beneath us, a fixation with the blackness. Congress regulated the area around Collins' cave, in part to try to regulate the stream of wannabe explorers plunging into their own underground worlds. You might have heard of what resulted: Mammoth Cave National Park. Today, it's the longest known cave network in the world. Two million people visit that park a year. Because despite its origins, despite the involuntary shudder descriptions of it cause, despite the fact that it is easier in every single respect to stay above ground, we just can't resist it. It is, in one of the most literal ways possible, a call of the void."
- Jacob Geller

Layout by Dave Petersen

Image of Credentials Image of Credentials
Image of Andrew Kirschner
Andrew Kirschner
Image of Carlo Giustini
Carlo Giustini
Image of Calques / Maltheist
Calques / Maltheist
Image of yuckmouf. / Brook Pridemore
yuckmouf. / Brook Pridemore
Image of Instant Messenger
Instant Messenger
Image of Sex Funeral
Sex Funeral
Image of Fed Ash & God of Gaps
Fed Ash & God of Gaps
Image of Machine Moon / Brown Piss
Machine Moon / Brown Piss
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Lick Nand
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Image of Lifegiver
Image of GX Jupitter-Larsen, Richard Ramirez & Bosses Hang
GX Jupitter-Larsen, Richard Ramirez & Bosses Hang
Image of J Hamilton Isaacs
J Hamilton Isaacs
Image of Nilserver
Image of Vijay Masharani & Flashlight O
Vijay Masharani & Flashlight O
Image of Holy Grinder
Holy Grinder
£10.00 — Sold out
Image of Brief Manifestations
Brief Manifestations
£8.00 — Sold out
Image of PBK, Richard Ramirez & A Week of Kindness
PBK, Richard Ramirez & A Week of Kindness
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