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Quin Kirchner 2xLP


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The Shadows & The Light
by Quin Kirchner

SECOND PRESSING! 2xLP on 180 gram BLACK VINYL in a limited edition second pressing of 400 copies!
Artwork features illustrations by Arthur Wright again printed on METALLIC SILVER GATEFOLD jackets! Shiny and beautiful!

Listen to singles from the album here:

Batá Chop --

At This Point In Time --

"My favorite albums have always been the ones that take the listener on a journey. I aim to do that, to create worlds with my albums - universes. I wanted The Other Side of Time to unfold like a story and I've continued that process with The Shadows and The Light. I'm influenced by so many different styles of creative music and I like to try and bring all those influences into harmony on these records. There is long-form and short-form composition. You have groove and you have free improvisation, sometimes at the same time. I chose to honor some of the greats - Elvin Jones with Frank Foster, Phil Cohran, Carla Bley & Sun Ra - by covering their material, while my original compositions pay homage to the influences of Charles Mingus (Lucid Dream) and Mr. Blount (Jupiter Moon). I also make room for sound explorations (Shadow Intro & Ecliptics). The title cut is an epic journey all on it's own and a composition I've been working and reworking for many years. I'm happy to have finally brought it to life in it's truest form."

- Quin Kirchner

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