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New to Distro - Hold , Philadelphia, Pensylvania

Bok Director
by Pool

Hours have been lost meandering through inept and misleading pathways, but you’ve finally made it to the party.
Each of this room’s four corners offer egregious varieties of bemusement, inviting you to make the rounds and get the evening started.
You survey the evidence of various misdeeds: broken furniture, a dramatic floral bouquet, lengths of magnetic tape nearly dissolved in head cleaner.
A warm pot of gruel bubbles away as you hear a tetrad of inebriated voices approaching.
It is clear they have gathered more supplies, and are very excited to see you.
You’re afraid to stay, but the door to leave doesn’t exist anymore.
It’s going to be a long night.

The band Pool is Ren Schofield, Eric Grieshaber, Christopher Forgues, and Alexander Tominsky

Mastered by Jack Callahan, August 2022