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Image of Poacher​/​Sterile Garden

Poacher​/​Sterile Garden


Two of the Northeast’s best pair up for this fatal ripper. Tim Johnson’s alias Poacher comes slithering out of shadows of the A side like an uncoiled cobra and immediately lashes out, fangs bore and dripping, with a frenzy of dizzying rhythmic bursts and absolutely venomous harsh noise. An incredibly well-crafted and versatile track showing why Tim is Rhode Island’s best kept secret weapon

The b side offers up a new piece from Jacob DeRaadt’s long running project Sterile Garden whose rusted and oppressive tape collage acts as the perfect foil to Poacher’s more frenetic A side. Layers of churning, motoric, field recordings and wasteland malaise that create a pulse as lecherously meditative as it is constrictive.

Edition of 50. C20