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The latest batch from Noir Age

Plastic Ivy - Concert Film

Professionally dubbed blue tint cassette tape with Risopgraph printed enclosure and newsprint lyric sheet insert, contained in a heavy 4 mil protective pouch - with Noir Age sticker & Postcard

The fourth installment of music in the Plastic Ivy canon comes in the form of this; Concert Film; the audio archive companion to a short film directed by her longtime friend and collaborator Daniel James Shields.

A live studio recording comprised of previously released tracks taking on new shapes, descending the staircases between minimal synth, C86 pop, and post-punk. Armed with an accomplished guitar tone soaked in the drama of Disintegration-era Cure, Plastic Ivy crafts vocal melodies, sequences, and riffs as paths for the deepest of earworms to travel in.

released May 21, 2021

Written and Performed by Lira Marie Landes, except
Opening Theme and End Theme
Written and Performed by Daniel James Shields

Announcements by Hanna Chemeritskaya
Mastered by Alex Nagel
Film stills by Daniel James Shields
Design by Richard Vergez

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