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Introducing Unifactor (Cleveland, Ohio):

Our 1st batch (3 new titles, plus a couple from the back catalogue) will be with us in time for the August batch official release date of 20 August

by Pasquarosa/Gerycz

The duo of string instrument illuminator Anthony Pasquarosa and percussionist Jayson Gerycz have joined forces before, notably on the subaquatic 2018 CD-r Chimes of the Deep. II is a patient and fluttering set of slow-motion energies, with Pasquarosa approaching banjo and delay-speckled electric guitar in a thoughtful wander, and Gerycz responding with singing bowls, bowed cymbals, and traditional drum kit. Each of these five improvisations wash softly by, occasionally rising into euphoric swells. The lines between daydream and uncomfortable memory are addressed, forgotten, and returned to as the air changes around the sounds.

Recorded by Jayson in July 2019 in Cleveland, OH @ The Big Green House

Anthony Pasquarosa - Banjo, Guitars
Jayson Gerycz - Drums, Percussion, Bows & Bowls

Art by Anthony Pasquarosa

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