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Latest drop from American Dreams/America Decline: On their way from the US, we aim to be shipping 1st week of January

Obscurae appear on the American Decline imprint

Recorded in Richmond, VA during the night hours, Obscurae’s atmospheric sophomore release To Walk The Path Of Sorrows is a fierce black metal testament to the mystery, allure, and profundity of the night. Helmed by multi-instrumentalist and magician of many hats Chad Davis (Hour of 13, Jenzeits, Subklinik), Obscurae is largely a one-person operation, drawing on Davis’ tenure in the extreme metal underground as well as his love of electronics, though cohort Matt Davis - no relation - plays bass on the record’s a-side. On songs like the opener “Upon The Shadowthrone Of Night,” orchestral choral arrangements buttress pummeling blast beats and soaring guitars, not to mention Davis’ piercing shrieks. Even at its highest-octane, though, Obscurae maintains a haunting atmosphere, largely due to a ghostly choral section, which is prevalent throughout the album.

To Walk The Path Of Sorrows boasts six epic, memorable tracks that showcase Davis’ propensity for the dark but lush, as well as his respect for the black metal form. Asked about his impetus in creating the album, Davis replied To Walk The Path Of Sorrows was “dedicated to the majesty of the Night. No religions, no superstitions. Just magick for the eternal Dark.” Like the night, To Walk The Path Of Sorrows is majestic and a bit frightening - but this time, what’s right around the corner might just be the soundtrack to your next nocturnal summoning, or your bike ride to work - whichever you prefer.

released November 27, 2020

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