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by NIHAR (Psychic Liberation)

Two club focused tracks from the archives of the San Francisco based artist, writer, and community organizer. Nihar has been instrumental in carving out space for parties that tow the line of function and experimentation on the west coast of the United States as co-founder of the SURFACE TENSION party series. Along with Chris Zaldua, Nihar has also ran the Left Hand Path label, highlighting electronic anomalies and documenting challenging work in his locale. Nihar has performed worldwide in Shanghai, Osaka, and Mexico City as well as being programmed into the Recombinant and Mutek festivals

On this single sided 12", "Rumble" centers Tabla rhythms amidst syncopated and undulating drum and synth work for an uptempo club affect. "Vermillion Gardens" slows things down with a more throbbing groove for a very vocal synthesis to oscillate in and out of sweaty-wall atmospherics. The record is accompanied by a text titled "Notes on Electronic Music in 2020", an essay at once taking inventory, and leaving room for hope, amidst the perplexing times this record presents itself inside of

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