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Nail Club - Collected Methods

2021 cassette reissue of the sold-out LP

"create a dream / not a fantasy / make a wish / this could be you"

Inspired, raw, & moving minimal synth by Sara Nicole Storm, an artist residing along the Gulf Goast. After a string of cassette releases, her first vinyl record collects some of the finest gems of her career thus far. Emotional artifacts spanning bitterness to bliss to fury to elevated delirium, grounded by thick, sometimes deceptively simple synth waves, sometimes grooving steadily, sometimes ripping through the grid, always with a tight sense of composition. The Tascam cassette 4-track recordings vary in fidelity, but the energy never diminishes. Despite the reductive M.S. tag, these are no mere genre exercises, but strike at something deeper and more personal. These songs have been stuck in my head for over a year, and ought to find residence in your own.

Image of Yohimbe (Hot Releases)
Yohimbe (Hot Releases)
Image of Sibling
Image of Secret Boyfriend (2x Cs)
Secret Boyfriend (2x Cs)
Image of I Think We're Alone Now
I Think We're Alone Now
Image of Control Point
Control Point
Image of Secret Boyfriend
Secret Boyfriend
Image of Zach Rowden (Cs)
Zach Rowden (Cs)
£8.00 — Sold out
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