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Mute Duo – Lapse In Passage (American Dreams

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As part of our very 1st batch from the American Dreams imprint

Mute Duo’s music is emblematic of their deep roots in Chicago. Pedal steel guitarist Sam Wagster and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Skyler Rowe draw on the city’s long legacy of omnivorous instrumental music, with a sound that is slow and wide open, incorporating elements of free improvisation, ambient music, and Americana

Skyler Rowe – drums, percussion, piano, wurlitzer
Sam Wagster – pedal steel, piano, farfisa
All songs by Mute Duo (BMI)
Recorded & Edited by Matt Russell at Jamdek, July 2018
Mixed by Cooper Crain at Jamdek
Mastered by Mikey Young
Artwork by Dmitry Samarov
Pressed at Smashed Plastic in Chicago, Illinois

Thanks to Matt Russell, Jordan Reyes, Dmitry Samarov, Cooper Crain, Mikey Young, Gillian Lisee, Mark Solotroff, Jesse Smith, Ryan Hart, Ryley Walker, Brent Heyl, all of the musicians we have collaborated with, Dee Taira and Rainbo Club

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