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Image of Mukqs...Jaki Crush

Mukqs...Jaki Crush

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Chicago-based producer Maxwell Allison records under the name Mukqs. A member of free music trio Good Willsmith, and co-founder of experimental tape label Hausu Mountain, Allison follows his most freewheeling, genre-demolishing inclinations in the music he makes solo. Jaki Crush presents an extended live take performed with his rig of cassette 4-track and stereo loop pedal, presented without overdubs. From his master tape loaded with atonal synth squeals, damaged percussion patterns, and peals of static noise, Allison warps, loops, and pans his sound sources into networks of fractured rhythms and rapidly shifting textures. Animated by sudden upheavals in form and bursts of processed lo-fi recordings of piano, guitar, and household objects struck with drum sticks, Mukqs crafts a homebrewed strain of pointillist noise collage inspired by Kazumoto Endo's While You Were Out and Aaron Dilloway's Modern Jester.

A No Rent release...very limited numbers available here!

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