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Mike Simonetti


Half of our 2nd drop from the superb enmossed imprint...75 worldwide, super limited with us!

At The Juncture of Dark and Light Vol 8

DJ and labelhead legend Mike Simonetti (Pale Blue, 2MR) returns to his "At the Juncture of Light & Dark" mix series after a 4 year hiatus. Enmossed is pleased to present "Volume 8", recorded in the dead of winter and accompanied by a characteristically grim snippet from Lord Byron's "Darkness"

Using choice selections of Simonetti's vast record collection, "Volume 8" does not remain solely in 'darkness'; it meanders through the underbelly of krautrock, psychedelic synth, crude post punk, and even a few bebop and jazz burners. An expansive journey, "Volume 8" gives us a peek into a deep collector's cold night

all label proceeds to Planned Parenthood Northern New England

Ships from us week of 30 September...NOW SHIPPING

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