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Merzbow/Smegma - Plays


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Terrific 5 title batch of Cds from Helicopter:

Merzbow / Smegma

***Available for the first time as the artists originally intended! In their first collaborative album, influential outsider artists Merzbow and Smegma traded source material through the mail—from Japan to the USA, from the USA to Japan—to craft a mesmerizing mix of surreal-concrète electronics, handmade instrumentation, unconventional sound art, and hypnotic blast & clatter. Released during a staggering time of Merzbow’s legendary output—the same year as Pulse Demon, Oersted, Spiral Honey, and Rainbow Electronics 2—Plays stands alone as a stunning and idiosyncratic entry in both artists’ discographies. Remastered & re-authored by John Wiese, the material is now presented for the first time as the artists envisioned: the material carefully separated into a multitude of distinct tracks with the disc intended to be played on shuffle to create unique compositions & juxtapositions with every listen. On the first pressing in 1996, the manufacturer only created 2 tracks, which was never corrected... until now! Packaged in a limited edition 4-panel digipak with new layout.

Image of Turman, Robert / John Wiese
Turman, Robert / John Wiese
Image of Sissy Spacek
Sissy Spacek
Image of Hammer, Joseph / Joe Potts / John Wiese
Hammer, Joseph / Joe Potts / John Wiese
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