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McKain / Murray / Radichel / Suarez / Weeks


Introducing Radical Documents - a Chicago based record label that focuses on unique, experimental, and obscure transmissions of sound from a wide range of artists

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The Running of the Bulls
by McKain / Murray / Radichel / Suarez / Weeks

Professionally made in Canada. Limited to to 200

Cross country quintet madness session featuring Tom Weeks (Alto), James McKain (tenor), Kevin Murray (Drums / Percussion), Leo Suarez (Drums / Percussion), and Jared Radichel (bass). The recording (made the day after the group’s first show together) captures a new energy bursting at the seams as each player intuitively dances with each other. It features two long-form group pieces, sandwiched between first-time duets between McKain/Weeks and Murray/Suarez. In this expanded grouping, the session brings together the different jazz dynamics of The Bay Area, Philadelphia, and New York City.

Recorded by Jared Radichel. Mixed/mastered by Nathan Corder. Cover drawing by Keizo Miyanishi

Tom Weeks (Alto)
James McKain (tenor)
Kevin Murray (Drums/ Percussion)
Leo Suarez (Drums/ Percussion)
Jared Radichel (bass)

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