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[JGT54] "Looking Backward"
by Mateis e. aqir

We grabbed the last available copies of this one!

JUNGLE GYM RECORDS presents "Looking Backward", a brand new offering from Barcelona-based visionary Mateis e. aqir

Fresh off a string of impressive artifacts from the likes of 100% Silk, Yield and All My Thoughts, Mateis returns to JUNGLE GYM to follow up debut vinyl excursion "Geography of Nowhere" (2018). Here again are the iconic island-percussion rituals, wobbly synth flourishes, skittering drum machines and equatorial bass-lines... this time from the comfort of a home meditation room

Incense fills the air and fish glide through aquarium wall seas as the mind begins to wander... an evening dream of mysterious tropical scene. The sound of imaginations run wild, "Looking Backward" may yet be the best way to move ahead...

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