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Image of Magpie Cemetery (Black Artifact)

Magpie Cemetery (Black Artifact)


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Via Black Artifact:

Grove of Cherished Corpses
by Magpie Cemetery

Two black windowless cassettes in black poly case.

Break out the shovel. This is harsh buried beneath suffocating layers of roots, sediment, and decay, a choked rumbling exhumed from the depths of the earth; and as the rotting mass of organic matter sloughs away, puncturing needles of feedback screech and yelping overclocked effects chains force their way to the surface like the feeble ring of safety-coffin bells. With the weak mastering and four-track worship, hallowed names like Unit-M and Milos Olympus come to mind, but the only name carved in this tombstone—albeit nearly weathered away—is Magpie Cemetery.

Image of Volunteer Coroner​/​Thorns
Volunteer Coroner​/​Thorns
Image of En Nihil (Black Artifact)
En Nihil (Black Artifact)
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