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From Garden Portal, a private press label releasing handmade editions from the fringes of folk and beyond since 2019

Wind Machines
by Magic Tuber Stringband

An edition of 100 professionally dubbed clear cassettes, hand inked with album title, with professionally printed natural cardstock j-cards

CW: fiddle, viola, pump organ, & voice
EM: guitars, harmonium, pump organ, diddley bow, & voice

All tracks written & arranged by Magic Tuber Stringband except 3 (Hank Williams) & 5 (Thinking Fellers Union Local 282). 6 is based on a recording by Duck Wootan. 4 features recordings made at the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, NC. 2 & 3 were recorded near Greeneville, TN. All others recorded at home in Durham, NC. Mixed & mastered by MTSB, with final mastering by MP.

Wind Machines (particularly tracks 2 & 3) is dedicated to the life, memory, & spirit of Mark Fosson. We would like to thank Michael Potter, Charlie Hearon, Nathan Taylor, and Aaron VanSteinberg.

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Matt LaJoie
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Will Csorba
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Jeremiah M. Carter, Kelby Clark, & Sarah Viviana Valdez
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